Design build is easier, more efficient, faster, and less expensive than any other process of planning and constructing a facility. With design build, Wack General Contractor is the owner’s single point of contact, fully accountable for the delivery of a completed facility.

The design build approach consistently yields a well-defined plan that leads to a smooth, cost-effective project completion, faster than traditional design and construction methods.

Wack General Contractor’s design build process provides clients with a unique set of benefits:



  • From a blank piece of paper to keys in the door, clients enjoy the convenience of dealing with Wack General Contractor as a central point of contact throughout the planning and construction process.
  • We are wholly responsible for planning, budgeting, scheduling, project delivery – Wack General Contractor can also submit and manage county permits and bonds.


  • The streamlined process significantly reduces total construction time as bidding, negotiation and re-design are eliminated.
  • Our experienced and compatible team, assembled from the beginning, has a clear picture of the exact scope of the work and understands client expectations.


  • Planning directly with key subcontractors and the owner, a functional building is designed with maximum value. Project costs are established before construction begins.
  • The owner, designer, and contractor select building systems that are most efficient and cost effective for their intended use.